What is FRAPPE?
Frappe is a coffee drink, made on the basis of soluble coffee, ice and milk.

How was FRAPPE founded?
It was invented by accident in Greece, by a Nestlé worker who, without access to hot water, poured coffee into cold water and poured it between glasses until foam formed. A very similar coffee drink frappé is cold brew called “coffee refreshment”.

When was FRAPPE founded?
Frappe was invented by Dimitrios Vakondios in 1957.

FRAPPE recipe:
-2 teaspoons of soluble coffee
-150ml water and milk
-possibly sugar to taste
-ice cubes or crushed ice

Step by step preparation:
-At the bottom of a high glass we pour coffee and sugar, pour 3 tablespoons of water and stir with a frappe mixer until a thick layer of foam is formed.
-Who does not have a mixer, can put these ingredients into the jar with the nut and shake until foam is formed, then pour into a glass.
-Finally, pour the remaining water and milk on the glass wall and add ice. We drink frappe coffee through a straw.
-Who likes, can decorate the top of the drink with a curse of whipped cream.

How is FRAPPE different from frozen coffee?
The main difference between real Frappe and frozen coffee is that in frozen coffee we are dealing with brewed natural coffee, milk and ice, while the main ingredient of Frappe is soluble coffee.

Greek milk foaming device:
Thanks to this design device, you can prepare a gentle frappe in a moment. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and enjoy a sip of your favorite refreshing drink. Cold fried coffee has no competition.

Today frappe is the most popular coffee in Greece and Cyprus, but it has already found many lovers in other countries in the world, including Poland of course.