Beef soup with vegetablew in white bowl with chilli hot peppers

What is crestosupa?

Kreatosoupa is a Greek version of the popular throughout Europe vegetable and meat broth, which is the first dinner course, especially the traditional Polish broth. Kreatosupa is based on expensive and tender veal or beef, it is still known today as a typical recipe of homemade Greek cuisine. 

Although it is recommended to use tender meat from the upper part of the veal thigh for its preparation, this soup is also considered a way to get rid of meat residues. An important very Greek accent of this one-pot dish is the addition of lemon sauce Avgolemono, which gives the dish freshness.

Soups in Greek cuisine: 

Greek cuisine does not have such a wide selection of soups as, for example, Polish cuisine. This is probably due to the large number of semi-liquid foods and dishes, as well as appetizers, which make soups an unnecessary part during the main meal of the day. Greek soups, however, are distinguished by the fact that they are very filling and, if necessary, can replace the whole dinner.

Typical soups in Greek cuisine: 



tomato soup – domatòssupa, 

vegetable soup – chortòsupa, 

lentil soup – soupa fakés, 

meat soup – Kreatòsupa, 

mushroom soup – manitaròsupa, 

meat broth – Zomòs Kréatos 

broth – zomòs kréatos,

chicken broth – kotòsupa,

fish soup (fish broth) – psaròsupa,

Easter soup (from mutton intestines) – magiritsa,

rice soup – supa me rizi,

Rice on milk prepared sweetly – rizògalo.

Ingredients nackrestosupe:

lean veal (preferably from the leg) – 1kg – can be cut into cubes approx. 2-3 cm,

carrots – 3 pieces – cut into 3-4cm pieces,

potatoes – 3 pieces – diced,

zucchini – cut lengthwise into quarters, then into 3-4 cm pieces,

leek – pieces 3-4cm,

celery – large pieces approx. 3-4cm,

onions – 2 pieces – cut into half slices,

parsley – 2 handfuls chopped,

Avgolemono sauce – from 2 lemons or ordinary juice of 2 lemons,

olive oil – two tablespoons.

In a large pot boil about 1.5 liters of water. 

Add meat to the boiling water. Reduce the heat and cook for 45 minutes, collecting scum from the surface of the water.

Add half of the prepared parsley to our water with meat and toss the vegetables.

Add olive oil and season – salt and pepper to taste; Cook covered for another 45 minutes.

From the resulting broth, pour a few tablespoons, and when it cools, mix it with a portion of Avgolemono sauce – when you use pure lemon juice, you can add it directly to the boiling soup.

Remove the soup from the burner and combine the whole soup with a mixture of decoction with Avgolemono sauce or with lemon juice.

Put vegetables and meat on a plate, then pour them over the finished soup.

To thicken this soup, you can use porridge or rice.

Done – bon appetit!