What is pita? pita are round, wheat, flat pies, popular in the countries of the Middle East. The word “pita” comes from Greek and means “flat cake”, which in turn comes from the ancient Greek word pektos, meaning “solid” According to estimates, flat bread resembling pita was baked as early as 12,000 years ago. What […]


What is crestosupa? Kreatosoupa is a Greek version of the popular throughout Europe vegetable and meat broth, which is the first dinner course, especially the traditional Polish broth. Kreatosupa is based on expensive and tender veal or beef, it is still known today as a typical recipe of homemade Greek cuisine.  Although it is recommended […]


What is baklava? Baklava is a dessert made of filo dough. It is spread in Greek, Turkish, Persian and other Balkan cuisines. What is needed for baklava? Ingredients: 300g walnuts 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon approx. 480- 500g filo dough  200g butter Syrup: 150ml of water 50g honey 170g sugar 1 tablespoon lemon […]

Kiwi- po angielsku

On March 27, we went to Kouloura, where kiwi is produced. We had the opportunity to see the warehouse from the inside and visit the cold store. We learned about how kiwi is grown and the importance of its production in Greece. Origin Kiwi is getting more and more popular with each season. It is […]

Gyros-po angielsku

Origin Gyros comes from the Turkish dish kebab, developed in the 19th century in the city of Bursa. The Greeks slightly modified the recipe by changing the spices and also enriching it with pork. What is a gyros? Gyros is a traditional dish of Greek cuisine. One of the most popular and cheapest fast food […]

Olive oil and olives

Olive and olive oil Olives are consider the symbols of: peace, wisdom, prosperity, wins, health and luckOlive trees were consider a basic contonent of the greek diet since the ancient times. Even back then greeks knew that olive oil was natural source of health for human body thanks to its neutritional value. It is high […]

FRAPPE po angielsku

What is FRAPPE?Frappe is a coffee drink, made on the basis of soluble coffee, ice and milk. How was FRAPPE founded?It was invented by accident in Greece, by a Nestlé worker who, without access to hot water, poured coffee into cold water and poured it between glasses until foam formed. A very similar coffee drink […]